Prosperity of Equanimity and Attunement through Cooperative Enterprise


What We Do

PEACE Institute International integrates three realms of cooperative enterprise development:

Thriving Self: Dynamic SHIFT Solutions
Thriving Community: Say Yes! Enterprises
Thriving Planet: Practitioners of PEACE

Our practical cooperative enterprise process transforms frustration and burnout into deep inner peace and profound well-being while unleashing creativity and limitless potential for new levels of inspiration, impact, and income in service of the greater good.

At the core of PEACE Institute International's cooperative business enterprise model is a unique self generating and sustaining cooperative time exchange service.

How We Do It

Say Yes! TimeXchange

A Time Exchange for Cooperative Enterprise Development

Time exchange is an ancient social system and, at its most basic level, is simply about people helping one another.

Say Yes! TimeXchange accelerates this reciprocity through modern technology which facilitates the process of giving and receiving services, and enables record keeping and accounting. Everyone's time has equal value; one hour of service equals one "TimeShare".

Our monetary currency does not disappear with time exchanging; it simply becomes a servant of the greater good as needs are met through this ancient core economy of sharing skills and talents.

Peace, real peace, is that which dwells deep within us as a realization of our relationship - our interbeing - with one another and all that is.

This deep inner peace, this unity, is available to us in each moment of our lives regardless of our situation or the circumstances in the world. It serves as the only sustainable pathway of peace within ourselves, with one another, and between communities, cultures, and nations.

Costa Nzaramba Ndayisabye and Laura Kay Greiner

We unite, inspire, and equip young entrepreneurs for a lifetime of cooperative enterprise: regenerating thriving life systems; repairing harm; restoring harmony; revitalizing reciprocity.

Starting from within, our work is rooted in restorative practices of deep peace and regenerative social, economic, and environmental prosperity.

Our current Say Yes! Enterprises initiatives include:

Youth CORE*

"We unite and play a core role cultivating a prosperity of equanimity and attunement in our families, communities, and the world through cooperative enterprise."

Youth CORE
is a
peer led cooperative enterprise incubator empowered through time exchange. Participation develops self-mastery, transformational relationship skills, and leadership skills which serve to unleash creativity and full potential for a thriving world.

* CORE: Compassion Optimizing Reciprocity and Equanimity

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts

"We unite with compassion, cooperatively share skills and talents, and grow unity within community through time exchange."

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts is a "neighbors helping neighbors" community development initiative. It is designed to unleash inherent creativity and potential for restorative practices of deep peace and regenerative, self-organizing and sustaining social transformation.

National Highlights
Costa N. Ndayisabye      Will Allen, Founder of Growing Power      Laura K. Greiner

Growing Power's National-International

Urban & Small Farm Conference

Milwaukee, WI

Growing Food and Justice for All Track

Pathways of PEACE and a New Prosperity

Facilitated by Costa N. Ndayisabye and Laura K. Greiner

Sept 10, 2010

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